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We are helping to shape the Energy Transformation.

As a climate pioneer in the field of heat pump and refrigeration circuit technology, we at Glen Dimplex
have made it our mission to help make the world even more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

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We cool, heat and ventilate the future. Powered by electricity.

Glen Dimplex is concentrating its expertise in cooling, heating and ventilation and bundling its brands Dimplex, Riedel and Koolant Koolers (USA) under one strong roof.

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Refreshingly simple.
Conspicuously inconspicuous.

M Flex Air. The central ventilation unit for domestic ventilation with heat recovery. Thanks to its compact dimensions M Flex Air can be installed in common household and kitchen cupboards as a unit on its own.
A combined system with Glen Dimplex heat pumps can also be implemented.

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Non-stop cooling. Your machinery.

The WKS series from Riedel ensures high-precision cooling of industrial applications.
With outputs of 15.6 - 68.1 kW. Ideally suited for: Lasers, machine tools, plastic and
packaging industry, print or food & beverage.

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Cooling systems from Riedel for industrial, laser and high-tech applications.
Specially developed cooling units for highly sensitive laser systems
or machine tools.

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Reliable and
effective cooling.

Cooling systems from Riedel for medical storage, laboratories and analysis.
Specifically designed for diagnostic imaging applications.

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Heating systems
of the future.

New building or renovation. Single family homes, apartment buildings or terraced houses.
With the products from Dimplex, we offer heating solutions that are efficient and extremely environmentally-friendly now and will remain so in the future.

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Heating, cooling, ventilation of residential buildings.

Dimplex offers an intelligently coordinated product range. Solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation and domestic hot water preparation in residential and office buildings.

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Cooling systems from the market leader.

Individual machine and process cooling for industrial, commercial or medical applications from Riedel. Working together with our customers, we design customised, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the cooling processes of tomorrow.

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Great performance. Great effect.

Modular systems for heating, cooling and heat recovery. Specially developed for commercial projects in the fields of serial construction, retail or commercial buildings.

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that speak for themselves.

Whether in a renovated farmhouse or modernized art nouveau villa, whether in the countryside or in the middle of the sea, with a view of the world or into space. Products from Glen Dimplex are used everywhere.

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Tuesday 08. October 2019

Heiko Folgmann: New Director Sales.

Heiko Folgmann began as Director Sales Heating, assuming control of the national and international sale of the Dimplex brand. Read more

Thursday 04. July 2019

Clemens Dereschkewitz: New CEO

With Clemens Dereschkewitz, we have been able to reclaim an experienced and extremely competent manager at the head our company.   Read more