One company, two colleagues, five questions.

Robert Kraus,
Head of order processing at GDD

Lars Hofius,
Sales representative plant construction at GDD


Full of ideas: Questions and answers.

Interview: Kollegencheck bei GDTS


What are you currently working on?

Lars Hofius

I’m currently working on several plant engineering projects. One of these is a SI 35 brine HP combined with Riedel cooling for a Trumpf laser application.


Robert Kraus

One of my main tasks is „on time delivery”. I measure the throughput times from submission of tenders, procurement and production, through to delivery to the customer.


How and when did you join GDD?

Lars Hofius

I worked with GDD frequently at my old company and was asked whether I would consider moving. I’ve been with the company since 2000.

Robert Kraus

After completing my commercial training, I started work as a sales administrator at ewt in Nuremberg in September 1994. I’ve passed through several divisions since then: Order processing, requirement planning, controlling.


Daring, efficient, full of ideas – those are our company values. What does „daring“ mean to you?

Lars Hofius

There’s a saying: “Fortune favours the brave”. I don’t want to swim with the tide and follow others just because it’s easy.

Robert Kraus

Embarking on new paths and having the courage to take risks.


Who would you like to spend an evening chatting around an (electric) fire with?

Lars Hofius

With the lottery fairy. Maybe she would let the next winning lottery numbers slip after a few beers.

Robert Kraus

With Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger. I would love to chat with them about the World Cup in Brazil and the 2006 summer fairy tale in Germany.


What do you like doing when you’re not at work?

Lars Hofius

I’m often out and about with my one-year-old daughter. We discover the beautiful things in life together. I love forests and chopping wood – as a respite from everyday life and to enjoy nature.

Robert Kraus

I like spending time with family and friends. Having barbecues, chatting, laughing. I love going on trips with my wife and taking time out to relax.