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At home on three continents.

A special advantage results from the global presence of the Glen Dimplex Group. In addition to the plant in Kulmbach, there are plants in Kalamazoo (USA) and Shenyang (China). Three locations at which sustainable and innovative cooling solutions can be developed and produced.  

Location Ireland

Europe / Ireland / Leinster / Dublin

How long has Glen Dimplex been in Ireland?

When Martin Naughton founded Glen Electric in 1973 he was just an engineer with a great business idea. By the time he bought Dimplex in 1977 – a company eight times the size of Glen Electric – he was already a businessman with a truly international vision. Since then, the Glen Dimplex Group has grown steadily and enjoyed great international success. 

What customers and markets does the Glen Dimplex Group serve?

What began with a handful of people more than forty years ago is now the world’s largest manufacturer of electric heaters and generates an annual turnover of EUR 2 billion. To this day, the Glen Dimplex Group is owned and run by the Naughton family. Some 4,000 employees around the world are busy making the planet cleaner and more environmentally friendly – with intelligent electric heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

„I have a firm reliance in the competence and the expertise of all our employees.“

Fergal Leamy - Chief Executive Officer Glen Dimplex Group

You can’t develop without changing. The new strategic alignment helps us be more responsive to the needs of our customers.

Fergal Naughton - Executive Chairman, Glen Dimplex Group

„Running a family business gives us great freedom to think long term.“

Neil Naughton - President, Glen Dimplex Group

Location Germany

Europe / Germany / Bavaria / Kulmbach

How long has the company been in Germany?

In 1860 Christian Weiss founded the forerunner of the firm ASK Kulmbach; in 1973 Kulmbacher Klimageräte-Werk GmbH (KKW) was formed as a joint venture with Siemens. Since 1990 KKW has belonged to the Glen Dimplex Group. 

What customers and markets does Glen Dimplex serve in Germany?

For more than 40 years the plant in Kulmbach has been developing and manufacturing highly efficient cooling and heating systems, keeping homes cosy and ensuring vital hightech medical devices stay cool even when running at full power. Every year more than 50,000 systems leave the production halls – including cooling units with a capacity of 1 to 226 kW and heat pumps with a capacity of 4 to 180 kW. 

Image  Glen Dimplex Deutschland Germany Location Kulmbach

„Together with our customers and technology partners, we develop sustainable solutions for a wide variety of cooling applications and make a key contribution to a better future!“

Sascha Paulus – Business Unit Director Cooling, Glen Dimplex Deutschland 

Location US

North America / US / Michigan / Kalamazoo

Bild Glen Dimplex Standorte Dimplex Thermal Solutions Kalamazoo Michigan Koolant Koolers Global International Locations USA Image
How long has the company been in the US?

The company was founded in 1952 by the engineer Hermann Hill under the name Koolant Koolers. After acquisition by the Glen Dimplex Group in 2006, it was renamed Dimplex Thermal Solutions (DTS). 

What customers and markets does DTS serve in the US?

At the 10,000-m² plant on the southern outskirts of Kalamazoo, cooling systems are planned and manufactured for industrial clients across North America. The highly efficient cooling units are used in laser systems, medical imaging and the production of plastics and foodstuffs, for example in breweries. In fact, wherever powerful, energy-saving process cooling is called for.

“We have a lot of people here with bold ideas.„

Roger Ethel, Sales representative

„To us, bold means surpassing our customers expectations. We are efficient because we word goal-oriented. Imaginative? Every day, we think outside of the box.“

Roger Ethel – Sales representative

„I love coming to work each day because it’s still about craftsmanship. Especially when we’re building prototypes.“

Tom Fenwick – Final assembly engineer

Location China

Asia / China / Liaoning / Shenyang & Shanghai

“Quality, customer orientation, efficiency and teamwork –
that is what our corporate culture is about.„

Yandi Wu – Human Resources